Pool Feed & Parking

Information regarding the video and audio distribution system is still be finalized, please check for updates.

  • Parking for satellite trucks and journalist vehicles is NOT being provided on site by the 4th Judicial Circuit or the City of Jacksonville.  Members of the NEFL Media committee are working to access to private property near the courthouse for a media staging area.
  • The Northeast Florida Media Committee has made an application to the court to install the following equipment in courtroom 406: 2 robotic SD cameras beyond the bar,  a manned SD camera in the back of the courtroom and a feed of the evidence projected on courtroom monitors.  Audio from the courtroom will be supplied from the existing audio system which is controlled by the judge.  ‘White noise’ is expected to be heard when the judge mutes the courtroom microphones during sidebar discussions.  Media outlets are advised that evidence and testimony may contain profanity and images which may not suitable to broadcast.  The NEFL Committee will not attempt to delete profanity or censor images which may be inappropriate for some audiences.
  • The switched feed will be presented in courtroom 407 which serve as a media workroom.
  • The switched SD pool feed will be distributed to the roof of the courthouse to sent via microwave to the Jacksonville affiliates.  An additional SD microwave transmitter will be used to send the switched SD signal to media staging area once determined.  The video and audio distribution system equipment is expected to be located in the media staging area, location TBA.


No pool satellite distribution is planned