Administrative Order 2013-08 – On December 19, 2013 Administrative Order 2013-08 was filed with the clerk and contains the rules and policies related to media operations for high-profile trials.  Details regarding the resources and access for journalists permitted under Administrative Order 2013-08 are defined below:

Media Credentials -

Satellite Truck & Media Parking “Media City”- (Map) Limited satellite truck and media parking is available at  204 Broad Street. The Northeast Florida Media Committee has made arrangements with a private land owner for the use of a parking lot with view of the courthouse.  Pricing and payment method is TBA. Requests for space should be sent to info@neflmedia.org.  This is the only location in which television (SD-SDI digital & NTSC analog) and analog audio feeds will be made available.  Journalists must have credentials provided by their organization for access to this lot. The Northeast Florida Media Committee is working to secure access to pool generator, port-potty and dumpster for the use by the media. Restricted Items in Media City under agreement with Jacksonville Police: Risers or staging over 36 inches, speakers, electronic sign boards.

Jury Selection -

Main Courtroom 406 (Courtoom Map)- (Assigned Media Seating Map) Journalists of organizations with assigned seating may use tablet computers or iPads with virtual or silent keyboards.  Journalists may not brings still cameras or use the still or video camera function of their tablet computer devices.  Electrical power will not be provided so journalists should plan to bring external battery devices if they are concerned with the battery life of their devices.

Courtroom 407 (Overflow) – Journalists not seated in the main courtroom may watch the television feed in Courtroom 407.  No facilities will be provided for recording the television or audio feeds in courtroom 407. The only television and audio distribution point is ‘Media City.’  Journalists will need a credential for access to courtroom 407.

Twitter Feed – The Northeast Florida Media Committee will make notification of logistics for media operations on the NEFLmedia Twitter feed.

Public Seating in the Courtroom – Court Administration has allocated seats in the courtroom for members of the public. Members of the public should complete an application to enter a daily “lottery”, where applicants will be drawn to fill those seats. The rules and policies can be found on the application. There will be no lottery for seating for seating in the courtroom during jury selection days. Each applicant drawn for one of the public seats in the courtroom during the trial will be advised of these rules when retrieving the credential (in person).  Any violation of the rules will result in expulsion from the proceedings.  The public seating lottery, and location for dropping off an application, is the Prime Osborn Convention Center – 300 Water Street – the Bay Street Lobby. It will be operational M-F from 6:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Public Document Access:  Standby for a website where ALL the public documents related to the case can be easily obtained online. The documents can be downloaded. This includes all the Administrative Orders and Judicial Orders, plus those documents that have been released by the Clerk’s Office. As other documents related to the trial become public, they will be uploaded to this site.

Live Stream – A live web stream is not available as part of the pool.  The following Jacksonville media outlets may stream the court feed.

Jacksonville Media Outlets which may provide live stream for media monitoring:

First Coast News (ABC & NBC)  WTEV & WAWS  (CBS & FOX)  WJXT (Independent)

Media Photography of Evidence – Court: Mr. Fussell, the Clerk of the Court has responsibility of all evidence presented in trial and it’s safe keeping, there will not be any viewing of the evidence in courtroom 407 or anywhere else until after the trial

Media Seating Chart Courtroom 406 -  (Click)