End of Trial Logistics & Notifications

The court will notify Larry Hannan, Chairman of the Northeast Florida Media Committee when the jury reaches a verdict.  Journalists approved for assigned seats in the courtroom with be notified via email. Simultaneously a tweet will be posted on @NEFLmedia.  Journalists with assigned courtroom seats do not need to rush to the courtroom when the announcement is made once notification is made; consideration will be made to make sure everyone is seated as the court prepares.  The media will be given at least 30 minutes to enter the courtroom after the notification or verdict if/when one is delivered to the court.

Following the reading of the verdict or any other outcome courtroom 407 will serve as the interview room for any attorneys or others who wish to make statements.  We have a pool camera in 407 and will offer that on the same feed the trial.  Other media wishing to be in 407 to record any announcements may do so.  Media must remain behind the gate and be wary not to damage the furniture in any way.  There’s room for 3-4 tripods by the gate, though that may decrease if we need to leave access for speakers to walk through.

Media with 406 wristbands will occupy the front row of 407.  They will be the media members who have covered the trial since the beginning.  Media with 407 passes need to sit in the other rows.

Journalist requesting access to the pool still photos should email: info@neflmedia.org
Mandatory photo credit for all pool still photos:  (Pool Photo – Bob Mack/The Florida Times-Union)

End of trial Press Conference

All end of trial press conferences, announcements and interviews will be staged in courtroom 407 and transmitted live on the pool video feed.  Media can assemble in courtroom 407 behind the media barrier.  Media may not position equipment or sit on the courtroom furniture. Extreme care needs to be taken by journalists to ensure no damage is caused to the courtroom furniture and it’s fixtures.  While the press conferences are being held in a courtroom it should not be shot in a manner that may implies the press conferences and it’s content is sanctioned by the court.    Cameras should frame their shots to only show the podium and the backdrop – not the courtroom backdrop. The court has provided this courtroom at the media’s request and we ask that all media comply with this conditions of use.

Jury Press Conference

At the conclusion of the trial, the judge will inform the jury they are free to enter courtroom 407 and address the assembled media if they wish to do so.  The jurors will not exit courtroom 406 and enter courtroom 407 via public entrances and exits.